Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Remembering Kurt Cobain

Do you still remember when you are when you heard the news of Kurt Cobain’s tragic suicide 20 years ago? 

By: Ringo Bones 

Strange how it was already 20 years ago when the tragic suicide of Kurt Cobain hit the news. At that time, it seems that I can’t get enough listening to every Nirvaana record ever released. Not to mention the odd audiophile recording or two – as in 200-gram vinyl LP pressing or Super Bit Mapped CDs of either Nevermind, In Utero or their Unplugged in New York. 

April 5, 1994 seems like any ordinary day in our increasingly cynical music scene of the mid 1990s. Kurt Cobain killing himself back then seems like an unbelievable tragedy. Though it is not as if just another tragedy in the making. Kurt Cobain deciding to no longer play Smells Like Teen Spirit during their European tour near the end of 1993 could be a sign of his inability to cope with fame. And this tragic loss to the music world is something everyone old enough to remember is still reeling to this very day.  

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