Sunday, May 15, 2016

Should Musicians Boycott North Carolina?

While a significant number of famous musicians already have cancelled their upcoming tours to North Carolina over the state’s controversial “bathroom bill” should others follow suit?

By: Ringo Bones 

When General Electric – the corporation that designed the Fukushima nuclear power plant and the famous porn-site xHamster is boycotting your entire state, you know you’ve done something horribly wrong. But this day and age, an overwhelming majority of us no longer tolerate the discrimination of the LGBT community – especially if its done though a “manipulated” dogma of organized religion. And this has resulted in the recent banning of local LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances. 

Since April 2016, there’s a growing list of famous musicians with a very huge fan-base deciding to cancel their upcoming tours to North Carolina over the state’s controversial “bathroom bill” that only allows transgender people to use the bathroom that matches the gender of their birth certificate. The top three musicians who have decided to cancel their tours include Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr and Bryan Adams and more are set to follow suit.  

The top three musicians who decided to boycott North Carolina were quite surprising to those old enough to have lived through 1980s Ronald Reagan’s America because these musicians’ works were – back then – frequently played in outlaw biker bars that catered for Vietnam War Veterans. Probably the last on the list back then to give a rat’s ass about LGBT issues. That was then, but this day and age, even outlaw bikers who are into online hardcore porn and classic rock – well, most of them anyway – no longer tolerate the government and religiously sanctioned discrimination of the LGBT community. How the times have changed indeed.