Monday, November 5, 2012

Taylor Swift: Queen of Breakup Songs?

Though her discography speaks for itself so far, but does Taylor Swift truly deserve the title of “Queen of Breakup Songs”?

By: Ringo Bones

As a recap of the high-profile boyfriends he had so far now range from famed actor Jake Gyllenhaal, fellow singer-songwriter John Mayer and recently - that young eligible bachelor from the Kennedy clan named Conor Kennedy – it seems like famed singer-songwriter Taylor Swift had been dubbed the ”Queen of Breakup Songs” by both fans and critics alike. But does she truly deserve the title?

Well, sometimes me and my closest friends had been asking ourselves if there is already an oral sex / fellatio parody version of Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Going Back Together already out there on the internet. If there’s one already, please drop us a line. Although both officially and unofficially from her fan’s perspective, We Are Never Ever Going Back Together is allegedly about her recent breakup of a young man from the Kennedy clan and the trail of breakup songs is more than enough to fill a 7-inch vinyl EP.

Taylor Swift’s fame – or infamy, depending on your perspective – as the “Queen of Breakup Songs” 
probably first began when her song Dear John was dubbed by mainstream FM disc jockeys as her breakup song on ex-boyfriend and fellow famed singer-songwriter John Mayer. Although when it comes to singer-songwriter on singer-songwriter he said she said breakup songs, Taylor Swift wasn’t the first. The one singer-songwriter who pioneered the trend was probably Carly Simon when she wrote: You’re So Vain – pertaining to her dysfunctional relationship on ex-husband and fellow famed singer-songwriter James Taylor back in the 1970s. And I too sometimes wonder if John Mayer’s latest opus: Queen of California – was inspired by John Mayer’s rather dysfunctional high-profile relationship stint with fellow famed singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.   


VaneSSa said...

There's already an oral sex parody version of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together? Well, her big red lips are certainly made for fellatio. BTW - Taylor Swift still doesn't know a good guy even when she dates them. For example: breaking up with Jake Gyllenhaal? The guy has an epic sized genitalia - in fact, even bigger than Liam Neeson's.

Madison Scott said...

Taylor Swift's red lips wrapped around something long, pinkish lavender with a hint of purple?